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    Leedscape儷和景觀在美國紐約、波蘭華沙、泰國曼谷等地設有分支機構,在全球擁有的70 余人的設計團隊。

    Leedscape is a landscape architecture firm with branch offices in New York (U.S.A), Warszawa (Poland), as well as Bangkok (Thailand).At Leedscape, we have a global team of more than 70 individuals.Leedscape has business partners across the globe, including Asia (China, Vietnam, Malaysia); The Americas (U.S.A, Canada, Mexico); Europe (Germany, Britain, Poland, Finland); Africa (Ghana); Oceania (New Zealand), etc.


    儷和景觀Leedscape駐華機構是中華人民共和國建設部頒發的風景園林工程專項甲級資質的單位。美國景觀建筑設計師協會(ASLA)會員 中國風景園林學會會員、北京園林學會常務理事、北京園林協會會員等。儷和景觀Leedscape還參與編制了由中華人民共和國建設部頒布的《居住區景觀設計導則》,它是國內最早指導景觀行業從業人員正確掌握居住區環境景觀設計理念、原則和方法的行業規范。
    The People's Republic of China Ministry of Construction has issued a "special landscape engineering design qualification" (A111003805-6/3) to us. We are a corporate member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), the construction division of the Royal Association (CIOB), the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, and the Beijing Society of Landscape Architecture. In addition, we were involved with the Ministry of Construction preparation of the "residential landscape design guidelines", which is China's earliest landscape industry professional's guideline to residential landscape design concepts, principles and methods.


    為客戶提供從前期立項咨詢到后期工程運營的景觀體系的全程專業服 務,在項目過程中承擔不間斷的策劃、規劃、建筑、室內 , 成本等與景 觀相關的技術咨詢支持,并協助業主進行成本概算、工程招標組織、最 佳施工企業推選、現場技術服務及后期維護指導等定制化服務。
    Speciality — Efficiency For our consumers, we provide full services from pre-prep engineering consulting to the landscape operation system. Providing and resolving all landscape related technical support such as ongoing planning, architecture influence and design interior through a well-developed design process. We assist owners in figuring out their cost measurements, tendering organizations, industrial enterprises election, on-site technical services and customized services, such as post-maintenance instructions.


    Leedscape 在生態濕地規劃、城市綜合體、大型城市公園、主題公園、城市 公共空間、高檔酒店、風景旅游區、高檔住區、工業園區及科技園區等領域 創造了 300 余項高品質的項目成果,在規劃設計方面所展現出的無與倫比的 創造力得到了眾多房地產發展商、旅游開發商及政府機構的廣泛認可。
    Practices Leedscape practices vary from wetland ecological planning to urban complex areas, from theme parks to public spaces, from luxury hotels to high-end residential, and from industrial parks to technology parks, creating more than 300 high-quality project results. The design planning process shows our creativity abilities which have been widely recognized by many developers and government officials.


    Leedscape 在北美、歐洲、亞洲設有分支機構。匯聚全球行業精英,提供專業、及時的全方位景觀服務。在滑雪旅游、酒店度假、高爾夫等領域服務中國市場。同時與全球優秀景觀品牌設計公司在生態修復、Leed 技術、主題公園等領域密切溝通協作,為不同需求的客戶提供最優化的設計成果。
    Advantages — Global Elite We have offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Together, we have international leaders that can provide the most professional landscape services in the timeliest matter.With experienced knowledge in the fields of urban design, ecological restoration, Leed technology, theme parks and we can provide themost optimized design results to fulfill our consumers' needs.