項目位于古有“天子腳下”之稱,今有“京南明珠”美譽的固安縣境內,緊鄰大廠高速和106國道,牛駝鎮金海街溫泉休閑商務產業園旁,在建的知高路可直達大興國際機場。結合固安縣悠久的歷史文脈,以“一街 · 兩橋 · 四堂 · 八景 · 百院”,通過“意境”的表達,打造“京南”的“千里江山圖卷”— 回歸詩意棲居的生活情境;由醒然在目的“物境”,到觸景生情的“情景”,再到感悟心靈的“意境”,這正是層層遞進的中國傳統美學意蘊所在。以物為基礎,又得以超脫的心態和神韻,從視鏡到悟境逐漸遞進的過程,與道家哲學“物我兩忘”和禪宗思想的“即物本無”的觀點趨同。

This project “Hot Spring & Peacock Garden” has its site at Niutuo Town, which is just on the outskirt of Beijing. In ancient times, it’s only “a foot away from the emperor”. The location, known as a part of Guan County, “pearl of south Beijing”, has easy access to Dachang Motorway and Motorway 106. And Zhigao Road will connect it directly to Daxing International Airport when the road is completed. Next to Niutuo Town’s Hot Spring Resort, hot spring & peacock Garden has gold pitch and posh hotels around it. Fresh food can be served from Food Base of Central Party Securities Bureau, which make their food from geothermal energy. The concept of this Garden consists of “one road, two bridges, four squares, eight views and hundred units”. With this, we are aimed to draw a picture of the view of South Beijing, of mountains and rivers last miles. We want residents here can enjoy the feeling of back into poetic living. Such a poetic living area can only created by the artistic use of different conceptions.This has three layers: the creation of particular landscape; the landscape moves people; and it further inspire you to think and understand. These three processes are actually the heart of Chinese arts. In other words, everything starts with the outside world. With the landscape and a free mind, you learn from the world and know better the world and yourself. This is in line with Tao’s idea of “Oblivion of world and yourself” and Zen’s “The world is of Nothingness”

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